State Penny Sales Tax for School Infrastructure (SAVE) Toolkit

proposed save legislation 2018 general assembly

Breakdown of Proposed SAVE Legislation: Extends the one-cent sales tax collected for the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) fund through 2049

House File 2481: An act relating to school funding by modifying provisions relation to the collection of sales tax for deposit in the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund, provisions relating to the use of tax revenue from the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund, and provisions relating to the calculation of adjusted additional property tax levy aid, and making appropriations.

Tell Your District's SAVE Story

The State Penny Sales Tax for School Infrastructure is set to expire in 2029. Iowa public schools are using SAVE funds in a variety of ways that make a difference from safety, to technology, to community vitality and enhanced education.

Iowa school boards must tell their district's story so that the governor and legislators understand how this investment has made a difference for Iowa students.

Watch the videos below to see how four Iowa districts have used the funds to maintain school facilities and technology. These videos can be used as a guide to how you could highlight how your district is using SAVE funds to date.

Remember to include these key points: 
Safety and Learning in Academic Facilities
Outcomes and Cost Savings
Capital Improvements, Remodeling, Technology
Community Engagement Processes
Property Tax Reduction Impact
Long-Term Needs
Council Bluffs Community Schools: Council Bluffs has renovated existing infrastructure to keep up with modern standards, added safety and accessibility features to buildings, and enhanced technology for their students. But there is still more work to be done.
West Fork Community Schools: West Fork has used SAVE funds to promote community vitality and enhanced education for their students and their community. Their story is unique and showcases strong community support as well as business partnerships. 
Pella Community Schools: After extensive community discussions and research, Pella built several new facilities for their students so they have an opportunity to learn in modern, safe and accessible environments. One facility in particular, the Pella Career Academy, is changing how students learn and preparing them for future careers.
BCLUW Community Schools: BCLUW is doing innovative things with technology. From proscopes, to robotics, to iPad newscasts, this district is going the extra mile to ensure their students have access to 21st century technology. 

Resources to Help Share Your Story

Talk to Your Legislator:
Use this video as a guide to sharing with your legislators the importance of SAVE to your district. 

Worth Every Penny Shareable PDF
: Learn more about the importance of the State Penny for School Infrastructure. Share this PDF with legislators and community members to help the story that students are Worth Every Penny. Let's build understanding to help to continue this important school infrastructure funding stream. 

Sample Emails to Legislators: These samples can be used to help craft your own message when communicating the importance of SAVE to the legislators that represent your school district. 

Sample Letter to the Editor: Sample letters to the editor that can be sent into your local newspaper. These samples will help you communicate how the Sales Tax for School Infrastructure has helped your school district.

Historic SAVE Allocation Amounts By District: Download this excel file that provides the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) total and per pupil amounts for FY 2009 through FY 2016.

Member Only Resources: Access in-depth resources on the state penny sales tax for school infrastructure (SAVE) as well as past legislation.