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Supplemental State Aid (SSA) Formerly Allowable Growth in Iowa

SSA growth provides the bread and butter of school districts’ general fund budgets and allows local decision makers to apply the funds to meet the specific needs of the children in their district.

This tool will help you project allowable growth, budget guarantee, and actual additional funding for FY 2015 and make projections for FY 2016.

Governor Branstad's Recommendation for FY 2015 Funding

New Money for FY 2015  It is extremely important that districts review the change in SSA dollars and actual funding changes for FY 2015. The additional 2% (the Plus 2%) provided by the legislature for FY 2014 is not part of the on-going school foundation aid formula. Districts cannot count the Plus 2% as continuing funding for FY 2015.

From this same worksheet you can also project your new money for FY 2016. Just plug in your enrollment projections for the fall of 2014 and SSA projection for FY 2016 where indicated.

FY 2015 New Money (all district's listing)

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For questions about this information, contact Patti Schroeder,, finance support co-director at (800) - 795-4272 x231.